Puppy Raisers (potential working dogs)
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Thread: Puppy Raisers (potential working dogs)

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    DefaultPuppy Raisers (potential working dogs)

    I've been doing some research on puppy raisers. There seems to be an odd difference between the US groups and the Canadian groups. Anyone have more experience/knowledge on this?

    In Canada, puppy raisers must have a responsible adult in the home all day (if adults work puppy must be able to come to work with them). Plus a fenced yard is required (properly fenced that that).

    In the US, they don't specify someone HAS to be home all day, and they want different TYPES of homes (from homes with yards to apt).

    Why such differences?

    I can understand they make decisions for the best of the pups, but it's sad as I'll never be a puppy raiser (I'll be working full time until I retire, and the chances of my eventually working somewhere I can bring the dog are small - unless they make special arrangements as it's a "working dog in training" but I highly doubt that)
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    DefaultRe: Puppy Raisers (potential working dogs)

    Hmm.. I'm not sure, but I don't think that's fair to a lot of people in Canada.. I would be out, too, since I live in an apartment and probably won't have my own house w/ fenced in yard for a while.

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    DefaultRe: Puppy Raisers (potential working dogs)

    This doesn't really address your question, but I just wanted to say that it's funny you would bring up Puppy Raisers. I have been thinking about them lately. My thought was, the next time I get a puppy, I am first going to read a book about how to be a puppy raiser, and that is exactly how I'm going to raise my puppy.

    This thought was born out of something or other Angus did one day to underscore his lack of social skills...

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