The Darkness Is Coming To Get You

By Madison Gregory

Ahhhhh ha ha zona laughed as her mother pushed her on the swing.
Ok zona I thin we sould go now its getting dark exclaimed her mother. Ok mommy said zona. Then they hopped in the car and drove of. Hey mommy where do people go when they die asked zona to hevan sweetie pie why did you ask questioned her mother
It just came to my mind said zona.
Once they got to the house zona got ready for bed and sat on the bed
untel her mother came to tuck her in to bed. Ok zona get under your covers said her mother ok mommy said zona good night my princess said her mother in a quite voice good night mommy said
zona and then went to sleep.
Get up zona time for school said her mother very happy.
Uuuuuu said zona very exausted zona hurry up or you will be
Late for schoolher mother said in a hurry ok momma said zona
And rushed down the stairs then hopped in the car. Zona yes mommy you forgot your backpack oh thank-you mommythen left
for school.
Ok kids today you can write any thing you want in your draft books today Mrs.Joyice said in a preppy voice now go to your seats
Then zona raised her hand yes zona so we can write any thing we want to write in are draft books questioned zona yes you can write anything and every thing I don’t care how long or short your story is ok said zona and began writeing .

Ring ring ring ring ring ring hello is this mrs. Zenith yes this is she this is Mrs.Joyice zonas teacher your daughter has written some thing very strange like what said zonas mother her Ill read it. THE DARK IS COMING TO GET YOU!!! With a picture of my grave. Zona would never do something like that said mrs. zenith well thank you for telling me and hung up the phone 3 hours later zona comes off the bus and in to the house and gets out her skech pad and starts coloring peacefully her mother comes over there to see what she was drawing and saw a girl with black hair and a ragged white dress. Then zona said momma shes coming to get you. Then gets up and skips away.her mother looks closer into the picture and then out of know where face almost like 3D and screams im coming to get you.
Then emedeitly flips over the paper.
3 weeks later mrs.joyice zonas teacher was found dead in her front yard police serched the body and there was nothing wrong they
Are saying that maybe she had died from a disease but the sintiset
Said there was nothing wrong with the body very helthy
3 days later they bured her in the wickerson semitary.