Hi there! I have been posting a lot about Gracie and Tundra lately, so I wanted to learn how to post some pictures of them. I have a bunch, but I narrowed it down to a "few"

We have had so much fun with these pups, I cant imagine our lives without them now. Looking back thru the pictures has made my day. Even though they are littermates, we didn't rescue Tundra until he was 5mo old. I don't have a lot of "puppy pictures" of him, but I have so many of Grace, this is one of my favorites

This next picture is the first day we brought Tundra home from the family that couldnt keep him, as you can see brother and sister were happy to be together again (and I think they did remembered one another!) He was, and still is a lot bigger then her. It's quite noticeable in this picture. This was taken just a couple hours after we got him and Grace was already sharing her bed .

They are our "kids" and we take them everywhere with us. Even 4Wheeling and snowmobiling- below is a picture of there "tree house" that go's behind the snowmobile (and 4 wheeler, but they prefer to run next to the 4wheeler). Its a enclosed trailer that the pups LOVE. We keep it in the garage, and whenever we go out there they hop in it. :P

Grace looks scared in this picture, but she would lay in the "tree house" for hours if we would let her! 8)

This is our "family" picture from a hike. I notice Tundra still has the red collar on he came with, so they must have been close to 5-6 months old here as well.

This is my favoriate photo of Tundra and Grace (Pretty and brotherbear as we call them)
This picture was taken a couple months ago when they were about 14mo old.

This site has been so helpful, and it's been a pleasure getting to know everyone. Now you know a little about me and my family.