1- Right click on the picture you want to save.
2- Save as - either keep the name it already has or pick a new name
3- Save it to My Pictures section on your computer. Can be found under My Documents
4- Open a Free account at www.photobucket.com
5- Click on My Album
6- Click BROWSE and locate the pic you saved
7- Click UPLOAD
8- When the box appears containing your picture. Highlight the 3rd choice. Do this by pressing the CTRL and C button at the same time.
9- Go to forum, go to your Profile. Choose adjust profile settings. Scroll down to the Signature section
10- In the signature section box, press the CTRL and V button at the same time. Your information from photo bucket will now appear here.
11- Choose save these changes- or save these settings.
12- Go to a post you made and check to see that it came out how you wanted it to.