New to the forum & can't post? Here's why
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Thread: New to the forum & can't post? Here's why

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    DefaultNew to the forum & can't post? Here's why

    It seems we are having a technical problem with the site that wont allow new members to post. I've signed up under a couple of other names to see what's happening & it looks like the site isn't sending out the confirmation email which has the link to finalize your account despite saying it has. As a result, these people are sitting in "Users awaiting email confirmation" mode. It's not until they get the confirmation email containing that all important link that they become "Registered Users" (once that link has been clicked on in the email) that they can post.

    We had the same problem a couple of weeks ago & it was finally fixed but it's happening again & I don't know why.

    The site's Admin has been advised of the problem & is (hopefully) working on it. Given the time zones, it could take a couple of days to get fixed.

    Sorry 'bout that. Hang in there.

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    I'm having problems posting too. Sometimes the reply box is grayed out and I have to hit reply 3-4 times to get a cursor to appear.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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