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    DefaultWebsite Offline, No Cached Version Available

    I'm continually getting the following error message when trying to load pages of JL:

    "Website Offline, No Cached Version Available
    The website you are trying to access is currently offline. The most likely causes are the server is down for maintenance, there may be a network problem, or the site may be experiencing excessive load.

    The site uses CloudFlare in order to help keep it online when the server is down by serving cached copies of pages where they are available. Unfortunately, a cached copy of the page you requested is not available, but you may be able to reach other cached pages on the site.

    If you continue to receive this error after you believe the site is back online, you can retry a live version of the site."

    This seems to only be happening with Google Chrome, but doesn't happen with Safari. Chrome is my primary browser, and I prefer to use it...any chance someone could look into this? I've heard that some people are having this issue with Firefox, too.
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    There seems to be a problem with the server. I got locked out for about 24 hours 2 weeks ago. Colin couldn't get on with his desktop but could with his ipad (or maybe it was his iphone?) a few days ago.

    I use Firefox as my primary browser but I couldn't get on with IE or Chrome either. It's a PITA.

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