how do i get my signature picture to be bigger?
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Thread: how do i get my signature picture to be bigger?

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    Defaulthow do i get my signature picture to be bigger?

    Is there a way I can enlarge my signature picture?

    BAILEY 10/1/10

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    You need to upload your pic to a site like photobucket. BEFORE you do, re-size it to 640X480 for landscape or 480X640 for portrait. Copy the IMG CODE.

    Go to "Edit Signature" in your control panel. Paste the IMG CODE into the top pane marked "Edit Signature". Click on "Save Signature" & you're done.

    You can make it smaller if you want. For example, mine's 350X500.

    Your problem is that you've uploaded it straight from your computer which will only allow the size you have ATM.
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