Getting Virus Notifications? Here is how to remove them...
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Thread: Getting Virus Notifications? Here is how to remove them...

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    DefaultGetting Virus Notifications? Here is how to remove them...

    if you have received a virus notification, here is what you can do to help address the issue:

    1) Install Microsoft Security Essentials -
    2) Scan your computer and remove any spyware / adware

    Hi Everyone -

    I'm back from holiday, and looking into this. I've checked every major virus scan service and none have found anything on

    1) | McAfee SiteAdvisor Software ("We tested this site and didn't find any significant problems.")
    2) AVG Online Virus Scanner | Scan Web Pages | AVG LinkScanner Drop Zone ("Congratulations! LinkScanner Online did not find any exploits.")
    3) Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for ("0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent.")
    4) Norton Safeweb Site Check (Norton Safe Web found no issues with this site.)
    4) | WOT Reputation Scorecard | WOT Web of Trust ("Congratulations on your site’s reputation")
    5) StopBadware Search ("You searched for items containing the term '' there are 0 results.)

    Furthermore, with thousands of users daily, and less than 0.1% of people reporting any sort of notification, this leads me to believe it is a client-based issue. Furthermore, only Windows users have complained about the notification, again making me believe that this is something installed on the computer, rather than present on the website (as Mac users as well should receive the notification then). All that being said, we are sweeping the site's code once again to triple-check.

    Internet Explorer also says the site is clean:

    The trojan notifications users have claimed to get, "FakeSpyPro", provides further support for the idea that it is not this website that is infected, but rather people's computers. I thought you all may be interested to read what the "FakeSpyPro" trojan is / does:

    Trojan:Win32/FakeSpypro is a rogue security program that falsely claims that the affected machine is infected with malware and encourages the user to buy a promoted product for cleaning the alleged malware from the computer.

    Encyclopedia entry: Trojan:Win32/FakeSpypro - Learn more about malware - Microsoft Malware Protection Center

    In other words, FakeSpyPro tells people that websites are infected with viruses when they really aren't, and then tries to sell people anti virus software to get rid of a virus that doesn't even exist.

    To make matters worse, the virus also creates fake urls on your computer to make you think that a website is indeed infected when it is not.

    Hence - the virus could come from anywhere - you don't get a notification when the virus is installed. Once installed, the virus pretends to be your antivirus software, and instructs you that clean websites are infected - in order to try and trick you into buying their antivirus software. Hence, it makes you think a website you use every day installed the virus, in order to trick you to spending money.
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