If your dog or cat exhibits any of the following behaviors, there’s a good chance that he was a unicorn in a past life.

Instead of rotting garbage, his farts smell like skittles and sunshine.

Gallop over to Etsy for this find.

Insists that your bedroom is now his “Super-Secret Unicorn Layer.”

Even better… it lights up!

Refers to horses as “Commoners.”

What can’t you find on Etsy?

Only responds to the name “Princess Sparkle Horn.”

Your dog needs a unicorn dog hoodie.

Believes that picking up his poop isn’t a right… it’s a privilege.

Yep, they’re really called Froodies!

She still has some of her magical powers, including the ability to hear a bag of chips being opened from anywhere in your house… no matter where she is!

You’ll find the pattern here.

Attends a support group for Mythical Animals. Their slogan is: “It doesn’t matter that others think I’m make believe; all that matters is what I

think of myself.”

All you need is pug.

Insists that he should be put on the endangered species list.

In case you want to piss your cat off.

Instead of rolling around in mud or garbage, he rolls around in glitter he stole from your craft supply kit.

The most pimped-out unicorn costume eva!

Won’t sniff other dogs’ butts… for obvious (and painful) reasons

Have you no shame, human?!? Rasta Imposta Unicorn Dog Costume

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