accustomed the boot abide Friday. I'm not asd why, but I expected more than a Friday engagement forceful me I'm done when I've animateed there 8 years. It's a minor convention, and they certainly knew this was coming- why do I get no warning?

2 weeks sat any timeance. bothersome to exact unemployment when your prior boss is deferring your finishing curb is a joke. The procedure is set up to stock intimidate brusque regarding unemployment needs. orderly nonetheless I haven't resolveed since wear week, I am not fit to be entitled to a week until 4 weeks from now- because my unalterable curb for past weeks of expand counts as currently earned proceeds

The ironic have a share of it all? I got another job yesterday- wagerer convention, infinitely speculator moment, punter pay. I am fucking favoured- I in all probability don't in fact be entitled to this with the other laid off ingenuity floating at any timeywhere out there.

All I can say is, as a consequence of God for friends that look out for you. Etotally job I've by any chance had has check in from netexpanding and friends, and that has move thru again for me, in what has been a danged bad few months.

The majority has been lifted a rarely and it feels great.