Taking on 2 young labs
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Thread: Taking on 2 young labs

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    DefaultTaking on 2 young labs

    My husband and I are taking on brother and sister 1 1/2 year old black labs. They were kept outside in a kennel and are not housebroke. We would like to have them in the house, but we are not sure on a good training routine to do this. Our other lab, now deceased, we received when he was 4 years old---he was trained and housebroken. Are there any recommendations on where to put the kennel while we are training? They will have to be outside during the day, cos we both work. We also need to have them meet our house cat, Nike. He is about 19 pounds, 4 yrs old, and has all his claws . Oh, we live in SE Wisconsin with a huge yard. Any help is appreciated.

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    DefaultRe: Taking on 2 young labs

    Wow... where to start!?

    First and foremost, I'd HIGHLY encourage you to keep them inside. Labs are people dogs (as I'm sure you know) and want to be with their people more than anything. That and two young hooligans will make quick work of completely destroying your yard.

    You will need crates. NEED crates, and start crate training ASAP. In the house. Read up on crate training, and maybe post in the training section and hopefully someone will be along to give you some advice on crate training adolescents. You're basically going to have to treat them like big puppies with regard to house training, there's lots of great stuff in this thread:

    You are going to need patience by the boatload, (and possibly quite a bit of alcohol! ) but with that patience and persistence it can be done! Good for you for taking them in.
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