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    DefaultBaby coming!

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Nl and I have a 9 mth old female black lab retriever ...she is rather lean in built and the vet told us she could be a mixed-breed instead..perhaps she is american lab crossed with something(???).

    anyway, I will be delivering my 1st baby anytime now and I am rather worried if Sasha would feel left out once the baby comes along..she loves going in the car with me n hubby but she cant be travelling with us n baby after this..I do not want my baby to develop any allergies to animal fur or whatever else - this would become a bad curse for an animal lover like me coz I intend to keep many cats n dogs as companion animals when my child(or children) are older...

    Oh, we r hoping to be able to afford another car/pick-up truck so Sasha cld ride in the front seat in that instead.

    Any ideas fr anyone on how I can resolve this...coz I so love travelling with her too coz she is just an angel during those times n so happy n all..?

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    DefaultRe: Baby coming!

    Welcome to the forum. For a more active response I'd try posting in Lab Chat. Sorry no advice from my end as I have no kids.

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    DefaultRe: Baby coming!

    I have no kids either but welcome to JL!
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia

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    DefaultRe: Baby coming!

    wanted to say welcome from NY!!


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