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    So we have the invisible fence being installed on Friday. We opted to train Brody on our own he seems to be a quick learner so I don't anticipate to much of a problem. I was wondering if anyone else has trained there dog to use the invisible fence and may have some suggestions for us. Thanks!

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    DefaultRe: Training for Invisible Fence

    Keep the collar away from husbands and sons. They think its cool to put them on and jump through the fence! I can only suggest that while he is learning, keep away all distractions (other dogs, or animals and children) that might make him want to cross that line. We had a friend who was teaching her dog but 2 weeks into it her brother brought his shepard over and as they were playing the shepard cross the "line" and her lab went right after him. Then he figured out it wasn't that bad and now everytime a neighbor kid or dog walks past the house her lab follows them down the road like the fence isn't even turned on.

    And by the way, when the house has no power (like after a storm) the fence has no power. Yep another friend of ours learned that the hard way.

    Good Luck


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