Toilet paper questions - please help!
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Thread: Toilet paper questions - please help!

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    Hi. I am new to the forum and a new lab owner.

    I have a 2 year old golden and a 4 month old lab, Jovie - yellow. possibly. We got her from the humane society, and she looks almost white, but then when you look close she has white fur on black skin. She may be a lab mix or a yellow lab/chocolate lab mix? I don't know. Thoughts? See attached photo.

    Here's the question. Jovie is an escape artist. She can climb chain link. she got out of the crate with the zippered enclosure. So today I put her in the bathroom while I went to work. I thought I had picked everything up, but there was a roll of toilet paper on the counter. She must have climbed onto the toilet, onto the counter, walked along the counter picked up the toilet paper, taken it off of the counter and of course, shredded it. I put change cans on the counter to try and keep her off the counter, but I was looking for suggestions about the toilet paper. Any ideas?
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    DefaultRe: Toilet paper questions - please help!

    Welcome Nona. I suggest posting your question in the "Lab Chat" section of the forum where most members hang out. This is the Introductory section.

    Jovie looks like a typical yellow lab to me except for like you say the white fur on black skin. Interesting, this may be normal too but I don't know. I have 2 yellow labs (male and female) and just checked them both and they both have white skin. Like I said before, try posting this in the "Lab Chat" section for more views and replies.

    Whatever skin she has, Nona sure is cute!

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    DefaultRe: Toilet paper questions - please help!

    Congrats on your new addition! I too, am a new Lab owner. My 6 month old yellow is named Brody I think you and I have tried the same approach. We keep Brody's crate in an extra bathroom and one day I thought I would try leaving him out of the crate, but in the bathroom. Bad idea!!!

    The shower curtain came down, the toilet paper was everywhere and because our bath has a doggie door, Brody decided to "bring the outdoors in". There were branches, moss, dirt, mulch, you name it...

    To answer your question, I put the toilet paper in the cabinet under the sink. When Brody figures out how to open that, I'll resort to child-proof locks Never a dull moment!

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    DefaultRe: Toilet paper questions - please help!

    I just wanted to say welcome from NY!

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    DefaultRe: Toilet paper questions - please help!

    Welcome from Barrie Ontario


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