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    DefaultHello from Samwise

    Hi, all.
    I'm the mom of a black lab puppy (12 months) named Samwise Gamgee, or Sam for short. He's smart, huge and full of tricks. I've been reading your postings, and it's clear to me that you folks are the ones to turn to when I need advice on raising Sam. I have to say, I've never been so challenged by a dog! I've had dogs all my life, raised them, did obedience training and 4-H with them, and thought of myself as fairly skilled with training. Yikes, has Sam tested me! He's such a bundle of energy! He's the most lovable dog I've ever had, too, and completely beautiful. I read in a book about Labs that they are perpetual kindergartners...loveable, playful and full of boundless energy. My only hope that I'll get through Sam's puppyhood is that I'm a Kindergarten teacher!

    Anyway, I enjoy all your postings. You're giving me hope!
    Sam's mom

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Samwise

    welcome from NY!!!

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Samwise

    Welcome from WI; great to have you & Sam on the board.
    We'd luv to see pictures of your cutie.
    This board is such a great resource - I've been on it since my little Bailey was 8 wks old & now she's 2 years - it's helped so much all along the way!!


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