Hello, I'm Benji.

I adore labradors (obviously, having chosen to get another), and decided to check out some forums.

I lost my handsome boyo, Sam, last year (July, actually - the 25th). He was a black lab, my first ever dog and the best friend I ever had. He was a terror up until he was four, but had such a character and a huge heart. If there's such a thing as autism in dogs, then Sam was autistic (and if not then he was possibly one of a kind - never known such an unsociable little tyke, but once he came around he was wonderful). Beautiful guy.

In February of this year I got a chocolate lab who is called Louie (my parents caved and allowed me to get a dog for my 21st birthday but a couple of months early). He is six months old, now, and a real sweetheart. They both have such different personalities, but I adore each and every aspect of both of them.

I also have two cats. They are brother and sister, born feral in a neighbour's garden - we worked on gaining their trust as they used to play in our garden, and had the mother and kittens taken away to be neutered/spayed and rehomed. I was upset at this, so two were returned. They are around abouts a year old now, and although they were initially put out by Louie's arrival, they all get on really well now.

I'm quite obsessed with rats, and currently have four (all boys).

I can't think of anything else to write here, really... *is blown over by all the sighs of relief*