I'm New Here- Howdy ! a couple of questions
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Thread: I'm New Here- Howdy ! a couple of questions

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    Default I'm New Here- Howdy ! a couple of questions

    I lost my soul mate ``Shadow `` and although
    ```I'm going on 60 years of age```..
    ...the connection my friend and I
    shared came as a suprise and then kind of tore my ``world in two``
    when he passed over on June 16 2008.
    I'm lost..and know it !
    Been thinking about getting another Lab from Shadows
    bloodline. I'm aware of ``all the variables``in temperament / personality
    physical traits etc that a new pup may have.

    I just want`` a piece of the blood``line if anyone knows what I mean.
    I contacted the breeder 300 miles away and asked if he still bred his Lab line``
    and he said yes, and in fact still had the line going strong on Shadows dam's side

    Sorry for drifting off...
    Please Daniel or other moderators ?
    here `delete this post` if
    it isn't in the right place or if it is `
    `too much rambling on and on... :snore:

    My question is..is there a " post / thread " on shipping puppies via the airlines ?
    I entered`` my search`` here and came up dry..
    That being perhaps because
    I'm not the brightest bulb in the old socket..
    I would be grateful
    if someone could head me in the right direction
    to the topic area on shipping puppies / dogs via the airlines --
    - SO I can read and gather
    more information and actual experiences
    from those who have done this before .

    I have spent some time going over the various Airlines
    rules and still wonder about the care of puppies that
    are shipped via the Cargo Area and how they
    are REALLY`` handled / treated and cared for during the flight..

    I just want to start
    planning early !! for`` if and when``
    Love to hear what YOU ALL have to say !!

    Thank You

    ( please move or delete this post
    if it is inappropriate or on the wrong forum )

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    DefaultRe: I'm New Here- Howdy ! a couple of questions

    Hi Ernie-

    I am sorry about you losing Shadow. I have never shipped a dog, but I think that there are restrictions for shipping anything alive during the summer due to extreme heat in the cargo area. Some of the people who do conformation or who breed may be able to help you so check into those boards.

    Couldn't you just go there? It's not all that far.


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    DefaultRe: I'm New Here- Howdy ! a couple of questions

    Hi Ernie,
    tallyJudy, a member here asked me to share w/ you what I know about flying dogs/puppies. I brought Tiegan home w/ me on a plane from Montana back to Virginia. It took a lot of planning and preparation to ensure smooth sailing.
    Straight off there are restrictions about flying dogs in the cargo area in the summer and winter as they are not temperature controlled, during the summer into Atlanta would be too hot, and in Montana in the winter would be too cold.

    You can fly your dog in-cabin if it fits into a soft-bag, medium size by Sherpabag. I did it this way. Tiegan did extremely well during the entire trip, she was 7.5 weeks old when I brought her home. Although I don't think the rate of accidents are high, the stories I have read and heard about puts a big fear of flying dog, especially a puppy in-cargo. I do think 300 miles is doable to drive and will be good time for you guys to get acquainted.

    This is not super in-depth, but if you get serious about flying a pup/dog home I can get you whatever info I have.

    Also, I am very sorry to hear about the loss of Shadow, trust me- I know how bad you feel.


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    DefaultRe: I'm New Here- Howdy ! a couple of questions

    Thanks you guys are great !!
    I'm still having a tough time of it..
    and its nice to know others who really LOVE their Labs..
    Took Shadow to make me see..a whole world of things inside me
    They were there...but only he could draw them out and draw me in to his heart
    What a friend I had in him !!!...
    I find it passes all understanding !!
    Thanks Again !


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