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    DefaultMeet Bailey

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and the latest addition to my family... Bailey

    I'm Laura and I'm from the UK

    Bailey is 4 months old, we got him a few days ago after the his original owners, my partners cousin, were offered a flat that didn't allow pets... personally I would have turned down the flat but hey, I got a lovely new friend out of it so I'm happy lol

    Considering he has only been here a few days he has settled in wonderfully, is fairly well trained already, follows me around the house as if he's worried I'm gonna vanish, is fab with my 6 year old daughter and has even picked out a favourite toy out of the dozens (ok, so I went a little OTT lol) I got him to make him feel at home. We also have a cat and Bailey is fine with him which is good (can't really say the same for the cat mind... but then again the cat doesn't care about the dog being here when he is stealing the dogs food!! lol).

    The only complaint I have about him is that he snores like a little piggy!! lol... but even that is cute I have to admit lol

    I haven't had a dog around since I was growing up so this is knida new to me so I'll prolly be asking lots of questions and reading lots of tips!

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    DefaultRe: Meet Bailey

    Welcome to the forum Bailey and Laura from the UK!

    Bailey is so cute!! I'm sure he'll fit in perfectly with your household and in a few weeks you'll never be able to imagine what it was like without him. Stick around and do lots of reading.. there is heaps of good advice here!

    Sarah (& Milly from Australia)
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia

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    DefaultRe: Meet Bailey

    Welcome to you and Bailey!

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    DefaultRe: Meet Bailey

    Welcome to the forum !!!!

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    DefaultRe: Meet Bailey

    Welcome from NY!!


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