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    We have a 13 year old Lab named Bama and today his hind legs went out and they just will not hold him up. When he tries to walk he drags his back legs. I called the Vet and he said it was age related, probably spine and hip degeneration, plus arthritus. Have any of you had this experience? It's terribly frightening and confusing for our dog. He is not in any pain. The Vet put him on an arthritus med to see if it helps. Any suggestions? He is a sweetie and a member of our family.


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    I'm not a vet and I haven't stayed in a Holiday Inn Express for several years but I have an opinion.

    It sounds like a disc protruding centrally on the spinal cord. If it's something acute with the spine, you should be able to feel some "knots" in the muscles along his back bone. Gentle massage and some mild heat may help him reposition things to get his motor running. Best of luck.

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    I have no advice - suggest you post in lab chat and health and nutrition to get more replies and suggestions. Good luck.

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    Our last lab at 10 years old had this problem. He had Lyme's disease and we didn't know it. go to the vet and have him tested. "Age related" is not an answer.

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    How is Bama doing?

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