doing our homework b4 adopting
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Thread: doing our homework b4 adopting

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    Defaultdoing our homework b4 adopting

    Our family is considering adopting a 1-2yr lab. Since this will be our first, we have a couple of questions. First, if the dog is house trained will we still need a crate? Second, is an underground containment system a good idea to keep it in the yard?

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    DefaultRe: doing our homework b4 adopting


    A crate is about more than toilet/paper training. It plays a big part in keep your pet (and furniture/house) safe. Most people recommend crate training. Depending on the dog, you may NEED one (if they are destructive or get into things).

    I don't have an invisible fence. I would NEVER use one to contain a dog when I was not around though, just for the extra safety (if my dog were properly trained) when I was outside with them. Have you used on in the past?
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    DefaultRe: doing our homework b4 adopting

    Hello, and Welcome.....I didn't crate train our two, because we are both home most of the time. If I was at work or gone alot, I definitely would have, or they would have destroyed the house, or gotten into things they shouldn't have. We do have an invisible fence, and I am very happy with it. Can't say that I would leave them out if we weren't here though. We haven't had it that long, so don't know if I ever would at this point.

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    DefaultRe: doing our homework b4 adopting

    Baloo's 13 months and still crated, and will be for a loooonnngg time.

    Are you adopting from a shelter or breed rescue? If the dog is fostered they'll have a good idea of whether or not you'll need the crate with them.
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    DefaultRe: doing our homework b4 adopting

    We've crate-trained our last two dogs and strongly encourage it. It gives them a safe place to be when not under supervision. And they can get into trouble quickly. You also don't have to feel like all you do is correct them. When my black lab had health issues and needed to be confined, it made it easy.
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