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    DefaultMillie in Wisconsin

    Hello everyone...My girlfriend's lab, Jasmine, had pups about 4 1/2 weeks ago. We get the pick of the litter, and we chose "Millie," the only chocolate of the bunch.

    It was so hard to pick just one out of the 7 little babies, but "Chunk," as we called her before we made our decision, was the most playful, and seemed to be the 'explorer' of the group.

    I've been a pug owner all my life, but I'm so excited to begin a two dog home. Millie and Zelda the Pug are going to be a fairly spoiled pair!

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    DefaultRe: Millie in Wisconsin

    Good luck! My labs mom is Chunk and she's chocolate. I have two pugs also, named Ralphie and Millie. They're a great combo!

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    Welcome from NY!!!!!!!!!!!!


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