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    I've really enjoyed reading some of your stories and questions as well as view so many of your wonderful photos. I just recently put a deposit down with a breeder in Tennessee and hope to have my new lab puppy sometime this summer. I have owned dogs all my life. Mostly German Shepherds trained for protection work and some smaller breeds as well. I'm getting a little too old to have the worry that comes with a dog trained for protection and after the loss of my last German Shepherd, I have decided to go with a breed not necessarily known for agression but rather the opposite. I'm going to get what I've been told is more of an English Lab as opposed to an American Lab. Someone correct me if there is a difference or if I have read incorrectly. I'm hoping for a Chocolate or Black but the particular breeder I have found has just beautiful puppies no matter the color. She does all the health testing on eyes, hips, elbows and is beginning to do heart testing as well. www.cchaseslabs.com[/color]]www.cchaseslabs.com I have inserted the website for anyone interested in looking and giving me advice or just looking at the cute puppies.

    I'm sure I will have a lot of questions so get ready...I look forward to chatting with all of you and getting to know your wonderful breed.

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    DefaultRe: Hello Everyone

    Welcome from California!

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    Welcome from NY! ;D

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    DefaultRe: Hello Everyone

    Welcome. Good luck with your new puppy.


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