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    I'm new to this forum, not new to dog companionship or labs. I adopted my black lab, Xavier, from Florida Lab Rescue in May 2007, but I'm in the Washington DC area now. I've joined to get a few perspectives on owning two instead of one---sometimes I hear it's easier to own two, they keep each other company I hear? Others have told me that it's hell.

    I hope I find what I'm looking for! Glad I found the forum.

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    I am new also, to the forum, but we've always had dogs, since I was about 10, and I'm now in my 50's. Eventually 2 is good, but the beginning year or so is crazy, no hell, but really crazy. Especially if one is aging, like in my case. She doesn't want to play so much, and that's all the puppy wants to do, and play with her teeth. Not harshly, but much more than the older one..... this too shall pass!!

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    Welcome from NY!!!!!!!!!

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    Welcome to the board. We have 2 dogs(a lab and a greyhound). We had our Lab for 4 years before we adopted a 3.5 yr. old retired racing greyhound. So I never went through the puppy thing with our second but I have found that now that I have two the idea of 3 or 4 isn't so scarry.
    You will get lots of great advice and opinions her, and you'll know if you have the time, energy and finances to add a second (or third or fourth...)


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