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    Hello All

    My brother his girlfriend and my self are new owners of a chocolate Labrador. She is 4 months old, and her name is Holly.

    We work all day so she is in a crate from 8 am to 6 pm this might seem harsh but we did not exactly know what we where getting into.

    We really need help on raising her and trying to figure out if we did the correct thing in buying her or if our new townhome is just to small for her.

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    Welcome! Congrats on your new little pup. With lots of dedication, time, training and love-I am sure you guys can make it work. There are 3 adults, correct? Bringing a new pup into your home is a huge commitment, but it is very rewarding. I would suggest you find a way that the pup does not spend so much time in her crate, if possible. Maybe have a neighbor, friend, etc. come over and let her out in the middle of the day for a potty break and some play time.

    Good luck to you guys.

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    Welcome to JL. I am new here as well but not to Lab's (our boy is 5 and my husband and I have always had Lab or labx). I agree with the above post, find a friend, a neighbour or one of the many dog walking services that are probably available in your area. Just remember that it has to be someone you feel comfortable with and who will be a 2nd set of hands in the training department (so you are not trying to untrain unwanted behaviour).
    Good Luck with Holly. It will be a journey but the destination is well worth it.

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    Please don't take this the wrong way but you certainly should have thought it out more before getting a lab if you can't be home from 8 am to 6 pm and live in a small town house. You certainly have to find someone to come in during the day to give the dog a walk or some outside time. Labs are active dogs and very social dogs. In any case make sure you all devote enough time to the dog when you do get home.

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    A puppy should not be crated for that long, so I do hope you will find someone to let him out during the day.
    As for the small townhouse - I wouldn't worry. I have a 2.5 year old chocolate and we live in 1 bedroom condo. As long as you give him a lot of exercise, regular walks, he'll be fine.
    Just remember to give lots of love and patience. It's so rewarding, there are no words for it.

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    I agree with everyone else. One of the reasons I got Dale was because I was living with my grandfather, he was retired and -ALWAYS home. Dale became very close with him of course. And with Molly I actually left my job. I was going to quit anyway and I realize many people cant just stop working but had I not been in the situation I was and HAD to work............I wouldnt have got her.

    Right now Im helping family out, babysitting my neice while her mom is sick. But Im only gone about 4 hours a day. I watch her after school, so Molly can gratually get used to me having to go out........because Ill be going back to work in the next few weeks. Even then I work in the neighborhood and stop home on my lunch hour.


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