Problems, need advice!!!
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Thread: Problems, need advice!!!

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    DefaultProblems, need advice!!!

    I too just got a new lab puppy for Christmas!! He is so adorable. His name is Koda. How can I teach him how to fetch?

    Also, he gets the hiccups a this normal?

    And the lady at PetCo told me not to use a choke chain on him b/c his esophagus is not developed fully yet. Has anyone ever heard this before? I only use it to teach him not to pull.

    Any suggestions? I am new to the lab world!!

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    DefaultRe: Problems, need advice!!!

    Congrats on the new pup. I agree, he is too young for a choke chain. If it is not used properly, you can injure your puppy. Training him to not pull on the leash will take time and patience. Just work with him. There are many other options for walking. How about Puppy Classes? They are great for new puppy owners to learn some basics and great socialization for pups. How old is your pup? Pup will need vaccinations before starting classes. Check with the vet and see what they reccomend.

    Also, try posting your question in the Training section. I am sure you will get great advice there!
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    DefaultRe: Problems, need advice!!!

    Ditto re choke chains, and tbh, if you can get on with a plain flat collar I wouldn't bother with anything complicated. We use flat leather collars and leather leads, the lead can double up as a retrieve toy if you tie it up in knots, and this can be useful for keeping your dogs attention. Puppy classes are brilliant, I'd never let any of our pups go through socialisation and you as a dog handler/owner learn so much about training the, their body language and vocalisations, but most of all how much you need to learn! Retrieve sould be based on a good 'hold', so you should practise with a toy with your pup, let them get a good hold (don't wave things around in front of them so they can't get it as it will put them off) and win, that way they will want to bring the toy back to you. We also start ours off when they're young pups with click and treat with a piece of hose pipe, stuff nice smelly food down the ends so they can smell it and will want to put it in their mout, and when they take it in their mouth click and praise 'good hold' then treat. The timing for this has to be perfect though, as if you're not careful they will spit the object out to get the treat, which is not what you want.
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    jan elaine Guest

    DefaultRe: Problems, need advice!!!

    Hi and Welcome!! I have heard they hiccup because it means they are growing.( Sure this is an old Southern wives tale) But my maggie gets the hiccups frequently and she is 10 weeks and growing fast!

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    DefaultRe: Problems, need advice!!!

    Hey and Congrats on the pup... I will try to address your questions as they were asked..

    1. Teaching to Fetch takes time. Have you and a friend sit on the floor about 10 feet apart and find something that Koda likes (toy). Then throw the toy and tell him to bring it back, say come. You can even put a leash on him, throw the toy and pull him back to you gently saying come (holding the toy) and he will get a hold of the game. Their attention span is small at this point so 5-10 minutes a day and they will catch on quick.

    2. Hiccups are normal and nothing to be alarmed about.

    3. And absolutely no choker chain until they are atleast 6 months old. Teaching the basic commands now and praise them when they get it and you may never need the choker chain.
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    DefaultRe: Problems, need advice!!!

    Welcome to the forum.


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