Hi I'm KC, a 5 year old female black lab from Christchurch, New Zealand. Today my mum Jo took me to a dog park with a narrow river in it and yep you guessed it ducks - woohoo what a great mum I have. It wasn't long before I was in the water chasing those ducks, I don't think the ducks normally hang out there but this time they were - I know I was going to get one even though they were pretty fast but I kept trying and trying for ages and ages even my mum Jo jumped in to help me. She didn't seem to mind that she got her trousers and trainers all wet and was keeping up with me really well in the river for about a mile, gosh she must loves ducks too. Jo kept calling my name, she got a little loud at times so must have been pretty excited like me. Jo even got some other people that were walking along the river to help us catch the ducks but then after a bit the ducks seem to disappear and Jo got out of the water, she was pretty wet which was really funny. I thought I may as well join her and make sure she was ok, she seems really happy to see me but was pretty quiet in the car on the way home, she must have been a bit tired. I think I have a snooze now and dream of those ducks that got away - this time!

Jo here - ahhhhhhhh how do I get this duck obsession out of KCs system, she loves the water and I'd hate not to be able to let her in the river but its not really my idea of a fun time crawling through a river full of weed and probably eels - don't want to think about them though - any suggestions?????