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    DefaultHello new to forums

    I just found this site today. I have a 4 month AKC registered black lab named Pepper. She loves to play and sleep. This is my family's second puppy in the last 6 months. We had a Yorkiepoo but sadly she was attacked by our neighbors husky when we let her out to potty. Their dog had dug a hole on their side of the fence that I hadn't noticed and happened to be just big enough for her to fit through. After a month went by I decided to surprise the kids with a lab. We picked her up after a Halloween camping trip. My daughter was very excited and my son didn't know what to think.

    We got Pepper home and she was very easy to housebreak. She has never pooped in the house and after a few days started peeing in the house but was corrected quickly and has not had an accident in a few weeks...knock on wood... I was hoping to be able to get some advice on some training issues I am having with her.

    1. She chews on everything. I understand that as a puppy this is going to happen. What I don't understand is why she chews on her bedding. We are trying to crate train her and in efforts to make it as comfortable as possable we got her a large pillow for her crate. That lasted a few weeks before she chewed right through it. We put toys in her crate with her at night to help her pass the time. My wife did however drop a treat in her crate for her one night and it went under her pillow she said so I think that is what sparked the pillow chewing. After the pillow we placed a rug in the crate and chewed that to bits as well. Right now we have nothing in the bottom of the crate but I would like to put something in there to make it more comfortable.

    2. When our children are playing with eachother, girl 6 boy 2, she likes to run up and bite them. Mainly my son. I tell her no and she listens I guess because I am the one that does most of the playing with her and training. But it seems she refuses to listen to my wife.

    3. I bought her several toys but I am getting complaints about having to vacuum the living room several times a day because she shreds them to pieces. So I removed all the rope and stuffed toys to the back yard and purchased her a big flexable rubber ball holes in it. She also has the Kong that I occasionally stuff with peanut butter. Any other ideas I could get would be great.

    4. She loves let me repeat LOVES to dig up my back yard. I read they do this because they are bored. So I try to get outside with her for 30-60 mins a day playing fetch. And I pay more attention to her potty breaks. The only problem I am having with it now is thatshe usually comes in filthy covered in mud due to the recent wet weather. So Instead of just turning her loose I had been taking her out on the leash to potty.

    5. I tend to find her stool on the back porch making me think she is eating it. I keep it cleaned up rather well but every now and then I find it up on the porch. She also Likes to pull grass up by the clumps and eat it. I keep her food dish full because she always seems hungry and my vet said you cannot over feed a growing pup.

    6. I occasionally give her table scraps AFTER we are done eating and have cleared the table. I have never giver her scraps while I was sitting at the table. Unfortunately I think I have started her putting her paws up on the table and grabbing a bite when we are not looking or were lazy in cleaning up in a timely manner. I have started putting her in her crate during dinner because she hangs around the table and stares at us. And have even cut out the table sraps. I may give her some once a week or two now.

    Sorry to write such a large post for an introduction. Any help would be appreciated. I have already found some nice advice from browsing this morning. I will post pictures this afternoon when I get home.

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    DefaultRe: Hello new to forums

    Welcome! Whew, that was a lot of questions. I am no expert here, but most of what I hear in your concerns are boredom and a puppy needing to learn. Sorry to say it, but I know how it is. Jake renovated my backyard. He did a very thorough job, starting with the DEMO! He had playmates to keep him busy too. All I can say is exercise often, even if it is just one on one training in the house, this will mentally exercise her. I have heard a saying here, it goes something like-A tired Lab is a Happy Lab.

    You might want to go check out the Training Tips section. Good Luck!
    Jake, Blue and Ginger<br />

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    DefaultRe: Hello new to forums

    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a typical lab puppy. Agree with above poster - copy and put in training or lab chat.


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