I am brand new to the forum and I am really hoping to find my girl Tulip a new home! We are in Sarasota, fl. She is a 6 year old yellow lab mix, a rescue so unsure of the mix and exact age. You would think she was still 1 year old! We also have a 10 year old black lab. We are going to be moving to the northern VA area and will be taking out black lab. We cannot find anywhere that will take two dogs over 60lbs. This is going to be happening fast and I have not found anyone interested. She is a wonderful dog, but the other reason we will not take her is she isn't comfortable about babies/very young kids. My son is 4 and she is fine with him, but we keep her seperate at all times just to be safe. We have a new baby girl and our future home up north won't have the set up needed to ensure seperation. It would just be best for our family to find her another place to live in a loving environment. Thanks for any help you can give! Are there any rescues that take labs that are not pure?