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    Hi, I am Tracie. I have a nine week old chocolate lab named Drake. We live in Southwick, MA in a small house with my boyfriend. Drake is already pretty close to being potty trained. We have a few accidents here and there but for the most part he goes outside and has from day one. He is in is crate all night and typically sleeps from about 11 to 6-7 a.m.. He is then in his crate from about 9am til noon and then from noon to three and then three to six. Our neighbor is kind enough to come and let him out in the middle of the day. He is in his teething stage right now. He bites everything right now. He loves our pant legs and leaves are a major distraction. He is a joy and I can not wait to see him grow more. I will try and put pics up soon!

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome from WI; great to have you & Drake on the board.
    He looks like a little cutie, but we'd luv to see more pics of him.
    Good luck with your new little one!
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