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    Here is a pic. of my boy Boomer. He's four. He has shading all over his body(wide ranges in color since he was fairly young), so no that's not grey hair on his face. It's obvious in person, but just wanted to say that here. God willing he will be with me until he is old and grey. He lost his best friend this year to lymphoma at the age of 5 (black lab mix). He enjoys agility, retrieving(of course!), long walks, playing in and around water, and snuggling up to me in bed at night. All his activities pay off. He's a lean 61 pounds, but built like a body builder with muscle showing. He's my velcro dog, always by my side. And as you can tell by his eyes he's as sweet as can be. He's a clown, and I swear that he laughs. Within the next couple of years I hope to add one of his relatives to the pack.

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    What a handsome man. Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome from WI; great to have you & Boomer on the board.
    What a handsome guy - luv the bowtie!!


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