Howdy from Utah!
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    DefaultHowdy from Utah!

    Just wanted to pop in real quick and say "hi!" and introduce myself and our crew. My name is Barbi, I run Utah's Labrador Rescue, though we will be taking a break for the next few months as we will be welcoming our first 'human' baby to our family! ;D Have had lots of furkids, but this is the first human kid to enter our home.

    Our furkids are first and foremost, Brock - aka Pooh Bear, Brock-Man, Poopers, Broccoli, and Bubbs. He is our first Lab, a dark yellow male, about 7 years old now, that we adopted from a shelter back in late 2002. He is the reason we started the Rescue in the first place - just couldn't believe a dog like him would be left behind to die. Then we saw all the other hundreds of Labs in his same shoes with no hope.

    We have recently added Petey, a 9 year old light yellow male, also from a shelter. His owners said "we upgraded and got a puppy!" as they left him at the shelter. :'( The worker there said, as they left, "hope your kids don't trade you in when you get old!". I like her. Petey is a wonderful boy, and we hope to keep him as our own Labbie, but there are some issues that I'm not sure I'm capable of dealing with at this very moment, so he may be our foster boy if we find a fantastic home for him. If not, he'll stay with us forever. We love him!

    Than in remembrance, there was our dear Peykos. We lost him very tragically April of 2006, and we will always have a special place in our hearts for him. He was our sweet boy that we loved so dearly, and Brock's best friend. We love you Peykos and still miss your curly waves! Peykos inspired us to open up the 'No Lab Left Behind' program, a program aimed at rescuing seniors from shelters. I cannot stand the thought of some wonderful senior spending his last days in a cold, dark shelter, all alone. Just not right. We started the Peykos Memorial Fund in his honor (he too was a dumped senior at a shelter), and the funds from there go towards the 'No Lab Left Behind' program. Still new, still needs soooo much, but we will get there.

    I also wanted to make mention of the "Duke", a 12+ year old black male whose family had animal control pick him up when they decided one morning "we are sick of seeing him out in our backyard, he's old, he can go." Heartless, just sickening. We took him in, gave him as much love as we could in his last weeks. We loved you sweet boy, and know what a special one you really were.

    So, those are our Labkids, and past Labkids. ;D I'll post some pics of the boys when I get it set up. I'm off to find a post about a Lab in need somewhere on here that was forwarded to me by a dear friend!

    Barbi, Brock and Petey, and all the Labs in our Rescue

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Utah!

    Barbi, it's nice to see you find your way to JL. Congrats on your baby. When are you due?

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Utah!

    Welcome! It's nice to hear from someone with such a big heart! What wonderful work you are doing. I can't believe people are so cruel as to give up a companion in their senior years. I couldn't imagine leaving Dakota behind (chocolate lab below - passed away on 3/21/07 - 14 years old) :'( I am still devastated - think about him everyday and miss him dearly. People can be so cold and heartless and how can that be? How can anyone look in those wise old eyes and do that? OMG. I shouldn't get started. Anyway - kudos on the great work you are doing and congrats on the new future arrival.
    &quot;My sunshine doesn&#39;t come from the skies,<br />It comes from the love in my dog&#39;s eyes.&quot;<br />

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Utah!

    Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you have started a wonderful program for labs - thank you for it.

    oh and congratulations on your new baby to be.

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Utah!

    Welcome from WI; great to have you on the board.
    Congrats on your new little one; you sound like you do such good work - it's takes people with BIG hearts to do that work.
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