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    just wanted to drop in and say hello.. we (Fiance, son, and myself) dont have a lab yet, but would like to adopt one soon..

    I had a couple of questions..

    1. I am a carpenter, and would like to bring my future lab on the jobsite. I see some old timers with their "mascot" and would love to have a dog like that.. Are labs ok dogs to bring around jobsites.. do they spook easy from power tools, etc?

    2. My fiance and I are about to have our second child, I am assuming labs (in general) are ok to be around infants?.. Obviously supervised.


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    DefaultRe: hello..

    I would make sure that your lab is old enough before bringing him onto any job site. I wouldn't do it with a young pup or even younger lab. A mature lab (several years old) might be okay as long as you have really trained the dog to follow your commands.

    Most labs have a good temperment but as you put in your post any dog/young child situation should be supervised.

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    DefaultRe: hello..

    When you get your lab make sure you socialize, socialize, socialize. Get him/her around loud noises, people, other dogs, etc. As with any dog, if you start them out on a good note, they will be well balanced dogs. You don't want them to be afraid or timid. A dog that is scared is almost harder to train than a dog that is an alpha dog. A timid or scared dog most of the time will either bite or run if cornered. If you can take him/her to the jobsite on a leash, let it get used to the environment - start out early, it will do well. You will have to take the time to train. You definitely want to know that they are going to listen to you before you allow them off-leash or trust them to stay when you walk into another room - this takes time, patience and several years of training and work, but the end result is worth it. There is nothing better than a well mannered companion. As for the second question - everyone has their favorite breed, but in my opinion, I would trust a lab around infants and children before any other. Of course, I'm partial - I was raised with labs among a few other breeds and they were always loyal and trustworthy - they never failed. You are correct though that they should always be supervised. Even the best dog has its limits. Good luck and I look forward to seeing pictures when you find your perfect companion.
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