Reintroducing my gang..
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Thread: Reintroducing my gang..

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    DefaultReintroducing my gang..

    Hi all..I joined this board a number of months ago, but really did not post much I wanted to reintroduce myself and my doggies Last time I posted I had just took Emmi in as a foster, and decided to adopt her. She is now 9 months old and quite a cutie. A month after Emmi, I took in another Lab as a foster. Once again I failed as a foster mom and adopted him also. His name is Buster, he is 8 months old and such a sweetie! They are quite different in personality. Emmi is a water nut, loves fetch and is very energetic. Buster on the other hand is not really fond of the pool, but loves his toys, and is so dang laid back you cannot help but melt over him. I've had GSD's for the last 13 years and still love the breed, but these labs..what can I say I have fallen deeply in love with them



    Emmi-Black Lab..Happy<br />Buster-Yellow Lab...Sleepy<br />Max-GSD...Doc<br />Argos-GSD mix...Sneezy<br />Annie-Aussie mix..Bashful<br />Lucky-Chi...Dopey<br />Jen-Human..hmm what&#39;s left...Grumpy<br />&amp; Kallie-GSD...Forever missed &amp; forever in my heart.

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    DefaultRe: Reintroducing my gang..

    Welcome back, your puppies are soooo cute.
    <br /><br />RUGER, JUST CHILLIN

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    DefaultRe: Reintroducing my gang..

    Welcome Back!
    Jake, Blue and Ginger<br />

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    DefaultRe: Reintroducing my gang..

    They are all beautiful!

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    DefaultRe: Reintroducing my gang..

    Welcome from WI; great to meet you & your crew.
    Both are so beautiful!
    <br /><br />~ Angie &amp; Bailey ~<br />My Dogster Page:


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