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    Defaulthello from Melbourne

    Hi there everyone!! My name is Willow and im 4, I live in Melbourne, Australia with my Mum and Dad and we do all sorts of fun things together, I love all things muddy and wet, so it's great when I go to the beach and rub my face in all the wet sand! Mum says i should't do it, but i don't care coz I love being DIRTY!! Mum says I have selective hearing, well I guess i'll do anything when food is around! I love chomping on all sorts of things, I even eat vegetables, my favourites are carrots, and brocolli. Well now I have introduced myself, I better get going, and since I had a wash today, I'd better go and roll around in some mud!

    Modesty in her eyes

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    DefaultRe: hello from Melbourne

    Welcome from WI; great to have you on the board!
    You are such a cutie Willow; I especially love your siggy pic!
    My Bailey's favorite veggie is carrots too!
    <br /><br />~ Angie &amp; Bailey ~<br />My Dogster Page: http://www.dogster.com/dogs/509673

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    DefaultRe: hello from Melbourne

    Welcome to the forum Willow - from Ontario Canada


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