how do I introduce a lab puppie to 2 old cats
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Thread: how do I introduce a lab puppie to 2 old cats

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    Default how do I introduce a lab puppie to 2 old cats

    My name is celina and I have just joined, we are picking up a beautiful yellow lab puppie on the 12th Aug. We have never had a dog before BUT I have 2 old cats. How do I introduce them? Do I hold one of the cats and get my son to hold the pup & let them snife each other? OR just put them in a room together & let them sort it out themselves?


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    DefaultRe: how do I introduce a lab puppie to 2 old cats

    Welcome from WI; great to have you on the board.
    Congrats on your soon-to-be new little one.
    Can't give any advice on the meeting, you might want to post that ? on lab chat - you'll get more responses there.
    We need to see pics when your little one comes home!
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    DefaultRe: how do I introduce a lab puppie to 2 old cats


    I am sorry I can't help. I think we have a cat board so perhaps you could ask in there and get some help.

    Congratualtions on your new puppy. Look forward to pics.

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    DefaultRe: how do I introduce a lab puppie to 2 old cats

    Congratulations on the puppy!

    We were in the shoes you will soon fill on July 8! We went to pick up our yellow lab puppy from the breeders that day - also our first dog (we both grew up with dogs though) coming into a household with two adult cats - Lily and Daisy, both 8.

    We had been to visit Custer at the breeders every week from 3 to 7 weeks - once I took a towel for the litter to play with and took it back to the cats - totally disinterested. I was worried about the cats feeling safe (they are my babies) and still wanting to be around us - they are very cuddly cats. I figured that since they have not been declawed, they would give Custer the what-for once and it would be over. That has not happened yet - and Custer has been here almost a month. Here is what I have done...

    If the cats are sleeping in our room - which they often do, I put up a gate by the door or close the door so they have peace. Custer doesn't go down steps yet so they are really quick to get out of the way when he is on a puppy rampage. The cats are curious about him when he is sleeping, and when he is not full of it, he sniffs around them some instead of chasing them. There have been some stare-downs which the cats invariable win, so I think he won't mess with them too much. It seems like they view him as an inconvenience more than anything. We have done some dog sitting in our house with very small breeds and it wasn't unusual for them to sit on my lap right along with those dogs, so they are kind of accustomed to canine company. They can all three be in the same room when Custer is less active.

    One of our biggest obstacles will be when Custer is able to navigate steps. We have the litter boxes and food and water for the girls in the laundry room, and we certainly don't want Custer to eat out of the food dishes OR the litter boxes, so we are going to try a puppy gate in front of the laundry room door and se will make carpeted steps or a ramp and platform so the cats can get in and out without being followed. We are going to make that this week so the cats get used to using it before being chased by a dog. That will be the only dog-free zone in the house so we hope it works! Well, there and under the beds. We will also not ever let Custer have free roam of the house when we are not home. At night he is crated, and when we are at work we have a 5X10 kennel outside the garage that had a doggy door into a 5X3 kennel inside the garage.

    This all went so much better than I thought it would. It certainly depends on the individual animals...

    Good luck!



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