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    DefaultHowdy from Nebraska

    First time poster here. We recently had to put our lab down. Mocha was 14 1/2. While she is sorely missed, I am happy to say we're "expecting" again and will be getting another female, black this time, in a couple of weeks. I'll post a photo of her when we get her.

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Nebraska

    Welcome from WI; great to have you on the board!
    Sorry to hear about your Mocha.
    Congrats on your new little one. We definelty can't wait for pics when you get her!!
    <br /><br />~ Angie &amp; Bailey ~<br />My Dogster Page:

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Nebraska

    My condolences on your Mocha... but congradgulations on your newest addition! Cant wait to see her! By the way be sure to check out the rainbow bridge section on the forum if you havent already.. Its dedicated to the labs we have lost...

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    Clanceycanuck is offline Senior Member
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    Barrie, Ontario

    DefaultRe: Howdy from Nebraska

    I am so sorry for your loss. Hope your new pup brings you some joy. Welcome from Barrie Ontario

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    DefaultRe: Howdy from Nebraska

    Sorry to hear about Mocha. I hope your new "baby" can fill a bit of that emptiness. I am a FL transplant---originally from Nebraska for 32 years!!


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