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    Hello from Connecticut,

    We have had our Phoebe for a month now and everyday we are amazed by her temperament and kindness. We had two pounds dogs that passed in the past few years and then spent one year dogless---it was all I stand. Tried to rescue a lab but found him to be more chessie than lab and he had the temperament to go with it---snapped at my younger two children. So, we found a great breeder and we got an 8 month old female black lab about a month ago.

    We did almost lose her the week before Memorial Day weekend. We took her in to get fixed and a day later she was fighting for her life. Her blood wouldn't clot. The vet did everything and must have done everything right because a few weeks later, she is back to 100 percent. We tested genetics and it isn't that so we have no clue. We will retest the blood in a few weeks to see if it is a one-time thing.

    The only other message board I have used is the disboards--so I have no clue if this pic will post. I will be here asking questions, sharing stories and enjoying our dogs.


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    DefaultRe: Newbie named Phoebe

    Phoebe is adorable. Welcome to the forum

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    Hi from louisiana. Welcome to the board, I love it here and I am sure you will too. Glad to hear your baby made a fast recovery


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