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    Defaultnew lab puppy

    Someone just gave me a black lab puppy that is 6 weeks old and I have some questions. This puppy has 6 toes on his hind quarters and I was told it was normal.
    I have never seen this before on a dog and wondering if he is deformed in some way.

    Also, they told me he has already been wormed but he shakes when he sleeps.
    He doesn't have fleas or ticks. What causes this?

    His poop is really mushy right now. I have got him on beneficial. What is the best puppy food for him at this age?


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    DefaultRe: new lab puppy

    Welcome to the board first off!

    6 weeks is really too young for the puppy to have been taken away from the mother, but now that you have it you really need to get the puppy to a vet. Do you know what vaccinations have been given so far - do you have any records that came with this puppy?

    The mushy poop could be a lot of things which is why he really should go to a vet for a checkup.

    I'm not familiar with the food you are feeding him, but I would make sure you put him on a good puppy food for at least the first 5-6 months until he has his adult teeth. I feed my dogs ProPlan and am happy with it - I know they make a puppy food. Before I changed food I would probably again take to the vet and make sure he doesn't have worms or anything that could be causing the mushy poop first.
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    DefaultRe: new lab puppy

    <i>Six toes on his hindquarters</i>... I'm guessing you mean on each/one foot?
    That's an abnormality, I'm pretty sure, but as long as it's not causing him problems I wouldn't worry about it. Cosmetically, if you're concerned, you could get a vet to take a look at it; it could probably be removed with the simplest of surgery.

    Welcome to the board! You've come to the right place.


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