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Thread: New to labs but not dogs

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    DefaultNew to labs but not dogs

    Two weeks ago we took in an "orphan" lab mix and named him Wyatt. He was bottle fed and was 5 weeks old. We currently have a variety of rescues (three beagles, a boston terrier and two cats). We fostered in the past, but DH just couldn't do it - he became so attached, so we decided to adopt this sweet guy. He looks to be some type of lab mix - there were two chocolate, three black and one yellow pup in is litter. Needless to say he came with a variety of "microbes" and kennel cough, but we are all recovering now. I should have kept him separate from my pack, but I really felt he needed the socialization. I believe he may have some sort of hound mix? He is already keeping his crate cleaned and lets me know when he needs to go out. He learned how to use the doggie door almost immediately. He is almost all brown, except white on his belly and the tip of his toes. His tail curves over his back. He has a waterproof coat (it was difficult to bathe him) and he loves the water (try keeping him out of the water bowl).

    He is a smart boy and just weighed in at 7.4 pounds at 7 weeks. I used to have a BC/Retriever Mix who crossed over the bridge last year just shy of his 15th Birthday and I miss having a "big" dog in the house. My Boston, Tori has taken to mothering him. Don't know what she will do in another month since he is almost half her size already LOL.

    I'll try to post other pictures - any guesses on what he is mixed with!


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    DefaultRe: New to labs but not dogs

    Welcome to the forum

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    DefaultRe: New to labs but not dogs

    Welcome from WI; great to have you on the board!
    Thanks for giving Wyatt a forever home; can't wait to see more pics of the little cutie!


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