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    Hello everyone,

    My wife and I brought home a little yellow lab a little over a week ago. We named her Fritzy (9.5 weeks) and here is a picture of our little girl:

    She is cute the little devil but we love her! My wife calls her a hooligan!

    We are all getting to know each other and things are moving along. She only wakes up once a night right now which is really good... although we are not sure how long she can actually sleep in her crate at night because the breeder missed the fact that she has ear mites and a kennel cough! > We are going to the vet tonight to get this checked out and hopefully she will be on the road to recovery! Wish us luck!

    Potty training is going ok as of right now. While in her crate, she is very good at alerting us that she needs to go which is a good thing. We live in a condo, so we started off with the balcony for those "it's coming, it's coming" moments. We also try to take her outside as much as we can and we are getting success out there as she becomes more comfy with the big world! Even though she will do it outside, she still doesn't get that outside is the only place to do it... if need be and we don't watch her like a hawk, bam, on the carpet! We give her treats and praise her like crazy when she does it outside but she hasn't really clued in yet. I suppose it will come with time, right? We have a spray that gets rid of the smell from her accidents and it seems to work because she never does it in the same place twice, it's pretty much where she is at at the time. :

    Hmm, what else... oh yes, trying to jump up on the couch. Of course she isn't big enough to actually get on yet but she must see why mommy and daddy love sitting up there. What is the best way to stop her from doing this? We have been trying to use a word like "off" while pushing her down once and then ignoring other attempts. Is that a good way to do it or is there a better way?

    The bitting isn't too bad and we are handling it ok. She still trying to bite us and we are working on it. One post that I read gave a suggestion of putting her between my legs and holding her mouth shut while rocking her head up and down until she stops resisting. Works pretty well actually! She clues in pretty fast!

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to calm her down when she gets really hyper? Sometimes it's almost like she becomes possessed. I find that picking her up will sometimes make it stop but she is getting bigger and that won't work in the near future!

    All in all, it's been a crazy and fun week! I was finally able to clean up a little last night and we are slowly getting some much needed sleep! We can't wait until she gets her next couple of shots so we can go to puppy class and play with other dogs and also to get some training in! Yay!

    She is an amazing dog (most of the time haha) and we love her to death!

    Looking forward to chatting with everyone here! This board has been a big help so far!

    Take care,

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    DefaultRe: Introducing Fritzy

    Welcome from WI; what a little cutie pie Fritzy is.
    Great to have you on the board; you'll find this site is such a great resource!

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    DefaultRe: Introducing Fritzy

    Welcome from Barrie Ontario - what a cutie


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