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    DefaultHello from Utah

    Unfortunately our first post was on Rainbow Bridge. We are (were) a two labradog-family; Buck (chocolate-male) and Ruby (black-female) littermates that we took into our home as puppies just after weaning. We kissed our sweet baby-doll Ruby goodbye (very unexpectantly) a month ago yesterday. Buck is definitely missing "the sister", but has shown some positive signs this week; he has resumed digging in the backyard (a definite labra requirement). The last 8 years we have enjoyed being fortunate enough to have the company of labra-dogs and it makes me feel that I much prefer the company of them over most people these days! We are struggling with whether or not to replace Ruby, so that Buck can have a companion...replies have been to seek a lab rescue. Where we live in southern Utah most dogs are kept in kennel/run situations in temperatures ranging from freezing to 115 degrees. People here don't understand the need for the dogs to be part of the family, and it infuriates me to no end. Our dogs have always had dog door priviledges (large fenced yard), their own beds (in addition to our beds) and all and any comforts they may ever need! I can't stand to see the neglect and abuse of dogs...what the heck is wrong with people?? >

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Utah

    Hello from Louisiana. So sorry to hear about your loss. I ask the same questions about people and their lack of heart toward our four legged friends. I am a volunteer at our local shelter so I see and hear about some aweful things. Hope you find the perfect new member to your family if thats what yall decide to do.
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    DefaultRe: Hello from Utah

    Welcome to the forum

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Utah

    Welcome to the forum! I am also in Utah (Provo).

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Utah

    Welcome from WI; great to have you on the board!
    Sorry to hear about your dear Ruby.
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