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    Hi everyone--

    I'm new to the boards here. My husband and I are proud owners of two labs. Goliath, a chocolate lab, and Jake, a yellow lab. Both will be a year old in May. Goliath we've had since he was 12wks old, Jake we just got back in February. We're a military family and one of the soldiers was being sent to Iraq and needed a home for his dog, so we decided to take him. It wasn't a great situation when we got him, he was living in the back yard of this mans house in dirt with no food or water, covered in his own feces and tied to a tree with a rope. I had felt so bad for him. He's a very sweet dog though we're suffering from some behavior issues with him now, I'm sure due to the fact that he was never taught anything when they owned him, and they had him since he was 12wks old as well. Now it's just a matter of correcting all those things nobody ever did before. I've posted in another forum about his chewing. It's hard not to love him though, he's such a sweet boy. It's just a matter of changing his bad habbits. Goliath is a doll. He's very gentle and sweet and we've had very little problems with him as far as behavior goes. We like to think he's the perfect dog... we just hope he rubs off on Jake lol Hope to get to know more of you proud lab owners!


    P.S - I'll include a picture...

    Goliath (chocolate) and Jake (yellow)

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    DefaultRe: Newbie from Georgia

    Welcome. I love the pic. They look adorable.

    Hang in there with your rogue boy. I adopted a 3.5 year old street boy that hadn't been house trained.
    Two years later and lots of up and downs he is a different dog.
    I had his littermate before him and like you I thought she was the perfect dog so it was a shock with Ernie


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    DefaultRe: Newbie from Georgia

    Welcome to the forum, your dogs are lovely

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    DefaultRe: Newbie from Georgia

    Wow, we have a few things in common, I'm also from Georgia, Ft. Stewart, and my husband is Active Duty Army, and I am also new to this site. I joined because I just got a yellow lab puppy, her name is Goldilocks and she is 7 weeks. She is my first dog, so since I'm pretty clueless, I came to this site to hopefully learn alot.

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    DefaultRe: Newbie from Georgia

    Welcome from WI; great to have you on the board!!
    You've got a couple of cuties!


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