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    DefaultHello from Kentucky

    Hello all! I have finally broken down and registered after reading this board for two years. What you may ask has compelled me to register now after lurking for so long?
    Well it was the shoes on, shoes off thread!! I tickled me so much that I had to register.
    I am Mom to Jefferson, a 4 year old black male, whom I adopted from a rescue society when he was somewhere around one. He is a big sweet heart and the absolute BEST dog I have ever owned. Previously I have had an American Eskimo who we lost in 2005 at the age of 14; a terrorist, I mean a Cairn terrier, and before that an Irish Setter.
    “If I know every single phone call you’ve made, I’m able to determine every single person you’ve talked to; I can get a pattern about your life that is very, very intrusive. And the real question here, is what do they do with this information that they collect – that does not have anything to do with al-Qaeda? And we’re gonna trust the president and the vice president that they’re doing the right thing? Don’t count me in on that.”
    Joe Biden, 2006

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Kentucky

    Glad ya joined! Welcome from Ohio.

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Kentucky

    Glad you joined.
    Two years ago I adopted a Labrador terriorist. Fun aren't they. ;D

    Kassa 25/11/01 - 09/02/05 O.S Jaw cancer forever in my heart.
    Ernie 25/11/01 adopted May 05
    Sam 11? adopted Nov 06 - 18/12/07 Lyphoma
    Tessa. Rescued June 2011.
    Bone Cancer Dogs org.http://www.bonecancerdogs.org/

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    DefaultRe: Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome! I'm glad you decided to join in on the fun! ;D


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