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    Hello, I am a new menber from Williamsville, NY. I have a black lab named Bina who is about 5 years old. I adopted her after my son-in-law found her abandoned. She is a very HUGE lab - larger than normal. I love her to death but I think she has ADD. I cannot train her to walk on a leash or the "down" position. Any suggestions?

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    Welcome to the forum! ;D

    Have an idea on how to train the down position:

    Get the dog to sit and with a treat/biscuit in your hand, lower your hand from the dog's eyelevel to the floor and place the treat/biscuit on the ground. Being a lab ( ) Bina should follow the food, simply because it is food and she is a lab .

    If this doesn't work, post in the 'Training tips and puppy advice' section, you will surely get lots of help

    Again welcome!

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    Welcome from WI; great to have you on the board!
    We'd love to see pics of your cutie!

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    Hi Welcome,

    If you post in Training you will get more replies. Chocco has given you great advise.

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