G'Day from Western Australia
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    DefaultG'Day from Western Australia

    Hi Guys,
    I'm a small-scale Labrador breeder in Western Australia. I have five lovely girls, one young boy, and eight whelps . . . all colours, all ages. I've have a mind to pull up my tent stakes and take my puppies back the US -- where I was born and raised. I've had enough worrying about poisonous snakes and kangaroos (which will gut a dog if cornered) and find myself wishing my dogs could experience squirrels and snow and other joys of a Labrador's life. I thought this might be a good place to listen in on the North American Lab scene.

    Look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

    Dr Jen

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    DefaultRe: G'Day from Western Australia

    Hello from another West Aussie!!
    I also worry about what Merlin might be putting his nose in when I take him for a walk. Even sniffing around the back yard, as we live near enough to the bush... Dont pack up and leave just yet. Think of the beaches, and all the splashing around yourlil puppies can do, and the warm weather... mmm

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    DefaultRe: G'Day from Western Australia

    Welcome to the forum - from ONtario Canada

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    DefaultRe: G'Day from Western Australia

    Welcome from N.Z.

    Mattgusmum (Janice) is also from W.A. We don't have snakes so I can understand your fear.
    You are right. This is a good place to listen to the U.S.A goings on. Always makes want to visit.

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    DefaultRe: G'Day from Western Australia

    hi, I am from WA, but not lived there for about 20 years now.. currently in Country Victoria. Herculese (7 week old pup) just loves it here, we havnt as yet ventured into the bush to look for snakes tho..lol

    Good to see some Aussies in the forum tho..


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