Anyone remember me?
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Thread: Anyone remember me?

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    DefaultAnyone remember me?

    Greetings! I was a fairly active member of this forum "way back when" I got my first pup, Piper. My username was LabrAdorable, but I can't sign in or register with that name anymore, so I created a new one. Name of my dog, creative huh?

    My Piper is a 5 1/2 year old black lab who was the center of my universe until the birth of my twins in December 2003. Now she's ever so slightly off center, but still my firstborn princess .

    I was fortunate enough to meet a few forum members back in the fall of 2003 at a dog expo in PA. I poked around the board a bit and saw plenty of familiar names and doggy faces. It should be fun to catch up.

    There's also a good reason I'm anxious to jump back in. I contacted Piper's breeder this week to see if she was expecting any puppies available this summer and was joyfully surprised that she has one puppy available right now! This little yellow female was being held for a buyer and the breeder ended up not liking the potential buyer and turned them away puppyless after the interview. Sad for them, HAPPY FOR ME!!!!! She is 8 weeks old and we will be driving the 4 hours to pick her up on Saturday, she'll be 9 weeks the day we bring her home. It seems like forever ago when we brought home our first furbaby and I feel like I've forgotten everything about puppytime - so I'm Baaaaaaack ;D.

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    DefaultRe: Anyone remember me?

    Welcome from WI; great to have you back on the board!
    Good luck with you new little one, we have to see pics!!

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    DefaultRe: Anyone remember me?

    *waves* I remember you ! Welcome back and congratulations on your new puppers

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    DefaultRe: Anyone remember me?

    Welcome back!! I remember you .......... a fellow twin mom!!
    "In moments of joy all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag." W. H. Auden

    Linda, Kona and Bo

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    DefaultRe: Anyone remember me?

    Hiya, welcome back. You have beautiful pups.
    <br />Windanna&#039;s Fairy Floss


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