Apologies and A Short Story

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Thread: Apologies and A Short Story

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    DefaultApologies and A Short Story

    I was so upset about my dog Charlie that I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Debbie and I live in Northern Illinois. Charlie does have a brother and I will have to see how to get their pics in here. I love all kinds of animals but labs and cats first.

    I have read lots on here and I really like this site. One thing is I never had trouble with Charlie chewing anything. He was very easy to train. I did use those puppy pads just in case. I taught him to tell me he has to weewee by hanging one of those cow bells on the doorknob with string. In his beginning, every 15 minutes then every half hour I asked him if he had to weewee and while I said that I went to the bell and rang it repeating my words. He caught on in less than a week. He put his nose to the bell, rang it and looked at me.That was it. Boy was I happy!! Ya know how people get lazy, lol!? I also got him to bring whatever it is within holding with his teeth to bring me something which I was too lazy to get myself. He just went along with everything and even now he does it. Ask him for lefty and he gives you his left paw. The other one is called paw. I just wanted to share a couple things with my great black lab/x.

    I used to live in Missouri but from Illinois. There was an ad on the radio for giving labs away. I wanted one so bad. We called the station and got the address. So we went and Charlie just sat there looking at me with those big brown eyes and that was it. The whole thing was that the people that posted them found them very sick on the side of a dirt road in a sewer left to die. They were malnourished, vomiting and so dirty being full of fleas. A couple were found dead. Charlie and his siter and another made it through. The people that found them, had them checked out and turned out they were fine. How anyone can do this or even think about it is beyond me.

    Labs are such a delight and I love mine to pieces. I hope everyone is enjoying their pets and new owners too. All the pictures I have seen so far are so precious.

    I hope my apologies are accepted.

    Thank You,

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    DefaultRe: Apologies and A Short Story

    Welcome to the forum! One thing you'll find here is a bunch of caring lab lovers who are never short on advice, prayers and support!

    Hope Charlie is feeling well today - he seems like one special boy!

    PS - Try posting in Lab Chat or Lab Health about Charlie you'll get more response (those are the more "popular" hang outs!)


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