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    Hi-my name is Kelly and our new puppy is Shelby. She is 9 weeks old today and has been with us for a week. She is a Chocolate Lab/Golden Retriever mix. She's very sweet and is doing very well in her crate. We seem to have the normal issues regarding nipping and chewing, but I'm sure with training and time she will be fine. We also have a 16 month old daughter who is not too sure if she's excited about the puppy or not. She likes to pet her and watch her chase her ball, but does not like to be approaced by the puppy. That's fine with us because then she's not terrorizing the puppy either. Shelby seems to be trying to make friends with our two cats, Lady and Tramp, but Lady wants nothing to do with her. Tramp wants to be her friend, but he's taking his time doing it. I'm very happy to have our new puppy, but looking forward to her being out of this very puppy stage.

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    DefaultRe: New to the puppy world

    Welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see some more pic. Check out the training forms and lab chat for great ideas.

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    Welcome! I'm pretty new here as well, but I have learned tons already!

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    Welcome to the forum - there is a lot of good info here!

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    Hello and welcome! ;D Even through it seems bad now, don't wish that puppy stage over!!! They grow too fast!!


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