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    I've pretty much always been a cat person. My husband has always had dogs. In his divorce from his ex, he lost custody of their two Whippets. So, he'd been wanting to get a Whippet. I read up on Whippets and discovered they might not do well with cats. I suggested a Labrador, mostly just because they seemed friendly and loving to me. Being a dog "virgin", that was important!

    He agreed so we went to the local shelter to check out Labs. Rather, I sent him in to pick one out since I didn't think I could handle seeing all of those dogs knowing we could only take one home.

    There were a lot of Labs there but Lucy was the only one not barking her head off. She walked up to the front of her cage and smiled at him.

    So, she's the one he picked. I met her too in the visiting room and agreed she looked like an excellent choice.

    She'd been picked up by animal control three weeks earlier roaming free; no collar, no chip but she'd been spayed and had a tattoo of a smiley face on her belly so she'd obviously belonged to someone at some point.

    We brought her home a week later (the shelter had to run checks on us to ensure we were decent people) and two months later, life's a lot different for all of us!

    She wasn't sure at first but now she's at home; smiles all the time, has done excellent in obedience class and, as you can probably guess, isn't my husband's dog, she's mine.

    I sure wish I could get my 14 year old cat Clyde to discover what a gem she is. He's not interested...yet!

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    DefaultRe: By Way Of Introduction

    Welcome to the forum. Saw your post in another thread. SOrry but come 4:00 I am out of work and off the forum.

    But, WELCOME TO THE FORUM - from Clancey in Barrie Ontario

    Lucy is a sweetie by the way.

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    DefaultRe: By Way Of Introduction

    Welcome from WI; great to have you on the board.
    Great pic of Lucy!

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    Mocha Guest

    DefaultRe: By Way Of Introduction

    Welcome! ;D

    You will learn so much from this board. Lucy looks beautiful. Post lots of pictures. I will look forward to seeing her and hearing about how the Kitty does. It took my grey kitty 9 weeks to come home after she ran away when we brough Maggie home, but now they are best buds. Don't give up!

    Again, Welcome!

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    DefaultRe: By Way Of Introduction

    Welcome to the forum.
    Lucy's beautiful. Thanks for sharing the great story.


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    DefaultRe: By Way Of Introduction

    I'm so happy you adopted Lucy! She looks like a special girl! Can't wait to see more pictures of her happy face! Welcome to the forum!

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    DefaultRe: By Way Of Introduction

    What a great story with a happy ending. Lucy looks just adorable, kinda reminds me of 1 of my yellows. Welcome, there is a wealth of info on this board, I'm glad I found it myself.


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