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    I just saw this forum while checking out the Just Labs website.
    I recognized quite a few names from the Kelrobin Forum, so I decided to join!

    My name is Jane Harford. I live in Laurel, MD with my four labs.
    There's 3 boys-Shilo(3), Noah(3) and Jonas(20 months) and Olivia(15 months).
    We're a completely yellow lab family.
    Other than working to pay the mortgage and kibble bills, we have a lot of fun.

    Noah is my certified therapy dog. We go to children's wards, hospital visits and
    even to visit puppies training in the prison program(I am also a puppy raiser for this program).
    Olivia and Noah are my Dock Dogs-our first event of the year is in two weeks. We're newbies,
    but excited about getting out to compete. Shilo and Jonas are training in obedience classes
    to start the trek for their CD's and beyond.

    I am also a volunteer, and incoming treasurer for a service non profit group in Laurel, MD
    that raises dogs to be trained for wheelchair and hearing assistance clients. We're currently
    puppyless, but our first dog Simon returns to us on 3/3 for his continued young adult training.

    Most know us as RRK Labs, which stands for "ROWDY Ranch Krew".....and we are!

    Look forward to writing and reading here about everyone's fun times with their labs.
    I am hooked!


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    DefaultRe: New to the Forum!

    Welcome Jane and all your babies. Glad you decided to join

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    DefaultRe: New to the Forum!

    Welcome ! Good to see you !

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    DefaultRe: New to the Forum!

    Welcome, Jane!! I'm also on the same forum with you. I hang out mostly in the obedience section.
    "In moments of joy all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag." W. H. Auden

    Linda, Kona and Bo

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    DefaultRe: New to the Forum!

    Welcome from WI; we'd love to see pics of your crew!!

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    DefaultRe: New to the Forum!

    Welcome, and I too would love to see pics. I have 2 yellow lab siblings (almost 2 yrs. old), and then a 10 yr. old chocolate.


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